Affiliate program

We have prepared a simple yet advantageous system for you, through which you can easily reduce the price of your ordered service. The offer and affiliate program apply to all services offered by our company.

How does our program work?

A customer who fills out the “quotation” form on our website with subsequent execution of the ordered services will be automatically included in our affiliate program.

Our motto is: “success lies in simplicity” and so the steps to get a discount are very simple.
If you recommend our services to someone, you will automatically receive a 5 € discount on the total value of the service. The person who you have recommended gets a discount of 7 € of the total value.

* Discount coupon will be earned by the inviter only after completing the work ordered by the person invited through the affiliate program.


Form completion

Fill out the form below.


Data confirmation

Our team will review your data and contact you.


Get a discount

After acceptance, you will receive a code/coupon.


Message sent!

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* Name, surname, and e-mail address of the person who invites their friend to use our services and who has received cleaning services in the past. Please enter the correct details!

* Email address of the person you invite to use our services.